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Producing Artistic Director

Host | Performer 

Voice Actor

"bringing people together for the purpose of shining their lights."

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featured projects

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Marisa is the Creator, Host, & Producing Artistic Director of BROADWAY@The

the monthly musical series that showcases top-tier artists from the Broadway, Film/Tv, and Recording Artist communities while providing an inclusive and celebratory performance space for artists, audiences, and theatre organizations in Los Angeles. 

To date, Marisa has produced shows for and collaborated with:

Geffen Playhouse, Pasadena Playhouse, Celebration Theatre, East West Players, La Mirada Theatre, and 5-Star Theatricals. 

- Currently playing at The Bourbon Room Hollywood -


about marisa matthews

Born in Los Angeles, CA and daughter to two New York immigrant family's; Marisa is a west coast girl with an east coast state-of-mind. She began acting at the age of 7 and holds a BFA in Performing from California State Long Beach & MFA in Acting from The American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, CA where she cultivated her craft of theatre-making.

Her work is rooted in immersive theatre and story-telling with the goal of creating a collective & collaborative shared experience for both performers and audiences alike. She believes in providing opportunities for everyone in the arts communities, while amplifying and providing opportunities for the  BiPOC and Queer communities. 

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